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Woody Allen: Manhattan (1979)

I’ll just state it outright, so you know. I’m an unabashed admirer of the Woodman. One could even argue that “Woody Allen movie” constitutes a genre of film. Directors like Allen, the Coen Brothers, Tarantino, and Hitchcock are essentially examples … Continue reading

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Best Film Classics: Charade (1963)

When we meet Audrey Hepburn in this film, she’s moaning at length (and in luxury) about her highly secretive husband. This issue becomes moot after her husband’s body is heaved off a fast-moving train. During her scenic bitch-fest about the … Continue reading

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Movies That Suck: The Piano

This dreary little film about a guy from New Zealand (a missionary, I guess) who (literally) takes a weird mute woman as his wife starts out with Holly Hunter as the piano-playing mute and Sam Neill as her asshole husband. … Continue reading

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Movie Quote du Jour


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