My Review of ‘Office Space’ (1999)


This cult favorite from the almost-turn-of-the-century is like the call to arms for office workers. Three slightly pasty geeks, who work for the man at a company with a name so obnoxious I won’t repeat it, are persuaded to steal “fractions of pennies” (determined by some calculation that only math nerds could explain) from their employer, after one of them has an epiphany during a hypnosis session, while his hypnotist dies of a heart attack. Peter (the one with the epiphany, played with mischievous delight by Ron Livingston) decides he doesn’t want to work anymore. He’d rather sit around the house and watch Kung Fu with Jennifer Aniston. What a surprise!


And, despite his complete disregard for the authority of Lumbergh (the boss from Hell), two consultants (both of whom are named “Bob”, thus making them “The Bobs”) decide Peter should be promoted and the two other geeks should be canned.


This doesn’t sit well with any of the geeks. And that’s when they decide (at Peter’s suggestion) to pilfer a small percentage of pennies from the company till. Got that?

I won’t go into it further, because if you haven’t seen this movie, you should. If only to hear Michael Bolton being mocked and to watch enraged office workers beat the crap out of a printer.

There is also a most cathartic moment when even Jennifer Aniston can no longer put up with the indeterminate number of flair she must have on her uniform. And so she expresses herself, in the way so many of us would love to.


See the movie. You’ll never look at red staplers, Hawaiian shirts, or office birthday cakes the same way again.


Red stapler on a white background

I award this film two thumbs up!

Hand showing thumbs up. All on white background.

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  1. Big Chief says: likes your review


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