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My Review of ‘The Killers’ (1946)

This film marked the debut of Burt Lancaster, who made his debut in this film as the Swede, only to get bumped off in the first few minutes by the titular characters, who tracked him down living in Brentwood. Not … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘Dark Passage’ (1947)

This movie features yet another Bogey and Bacall pairing. In it, Bogey plays Vincent Parry, convicted for killing his wife. He manages to escape prison by hiding in a supply truck. Apparently, the driver was too idiotic busy to lock … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘The Lost Weekend’ (1945)

This film is about a man who could be a poster boy for Alcoholics Anonymous. Naturally, he’s living in New York City and working as (what else?) a writer. As the title suggests, the story takes place over the course … Continue reading

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Film Noir’s Genesis in Literature

As the U.S. entered World War II, film noir made its peripatetic appearance. Movies of the film noir ilk were relatively rare and it actually wasn’t until the mid-1940s that this style or genre caught on and an abundance of … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘Murder, My Sweet’ (1944)

In the adaptation of the Raymond Chandler novel, Farewell, My Lovely, Philip Marlowe is played by the up-‘til-that-time comedian “crooner” Dick Powell. The movie was re-titled as it was to avoid any indication that it would be a musical comedy. … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘The Third Man’ (1949)

“Film noir” may be a French term and many of the best-known movies of the genre may have been made in the US of A. But The Third Man is not only a British film noir, but is considered one … Continue reading

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Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day to all the workers of the world! Here are a couple of great Labor Day movies! And this classic movie! 🙂 Workers of the world. Take the day off. Watch a movie! 🙂

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My Review of ‘Laura’ (1944)

Dana Andrews plays a New York City police detective named Mark McPherson, who’s investigating the death by shotgun blast of ad exec Laura Hunt (played by the lovely Gene Tierney). McPherson proceeds to interview Laura’s closest associates: Waldo Lydecker (Clifton … Continue reading

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