My Review of ‘Dark Passage’ (1947)


This movie features yet another Bogey and Bacall pairing. In it, Bogey plays Vincent Parry, convicted for killing his wife. He manages to escape prison by hiding in a supply truck. Apparently, the driver was too idiotic busy to lock the doors.

In any case, unlike most movies with this amazing pair of stars, the camera is kept off Bogey’s face completely. At least, at the beginning of the movie, until his face is changed by plastic surgery, so that he ends up looking like Humphrey Bogart. It’s a cute, if slightly clunky device – yet somehow it works.

When Parry is spotted by a witness, his first step is to beat the crap out of the man. When Irene (played by Lauren Bacall) hears the commotion, her first impulse is to take him into her home, so she can nurse him back to health.


In order for Bogey to get any “face time” (no pun intended) in the picture, he has to have plastic surgery. Fortunately, he just happens to get a ride from the nicest cabbie in San Francisco.


The cabbie recommends a surgeon, and Bogey arranges to recuperate with a friend named George. He gets the surgery, only to discover George is dead. As in murdered. So back to Irene Parry goes. Naturally, she believes in his innocence and takes him back in.


I won’t go through the whole song-and-dance of what happens when and who’s trying to frame Parry for the various murders (including his wife’s, as it turns out). Let’s just say it’s very convenient when someone sets you up to take the fall and ends up doing it themselves – out a window.

Given that he’s an escaped convict and all that, Parry knows it’s time to beat feet, forcing Irene and him to bid each other farewell. Parry then leaves the country.

Will Irene and Parry ever get back together again? It’s a Bogey-Bacall movie. What do you think?

Despite various scenarios in the film that strain credulity a mite, I’d give this movie one thumb up! If only because Bogey and Bacall are so hot.


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