A Review of ‘White Night’


In lieu of posting a movie review or film short, I’d like to direct your attention to this video game review from Paste Magazine. It’s called White Night Review: Black Hat, and here’s an excerpt from it.

Film noir, besides being about hard-boiled detectives and seductive, less than scrupulous women, is a genre about contrasts. It’s about duality, secrets, tension, suspense, shadows, the inherent darkness in humanity. Granted, it’s kind of a tired subject in the new millennium, an old genre that has been thoroughly revived and explored of late, but it’s what we’re left with in White Night, a game that takes motifs surrounding black and white to the extremes. And we kind of have to deal with it.

Osome Studios’ new survival horror point-and-click adventure White Night takes a lot of notes from film noir, creating an environment that’s recognizable from the start. You get the typical baritone voice over, spaced out over shadowy images and Dutch angles, the kind of camera work featured prominently in classics such as The Third Man or Touch of Evil. It’s a mystery, taking a cue from the later works of Alfred Hitchcock by delving into the supernatural in ways that the gritty, realistic films of the 1930s almost never bothered to. There’s an undercurrent of angst stemming from the Great Depression, with commentary on greed. You have the hard-boiled, middle-aged man, confused and masculine, draped in a long trench coat and wearing a fedora like it hasn’t gone out of style yet. You have a beautiful, seductive woman that (literally) glows as the protagonist glances at her for the first time.

How intriguing! If you’d like to read the rest, just click here! 🙂

FilmNoir-white night

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