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Part Five of ‘Reefer Madness’!

Happy weekend to all! It is, in fact, #Caturday and time for the Saturday Matinee! 🙂 And now … it is my great pleasure to present to you … Part Five of Reefer Madness! Finally, for others who are on YouTube … Continue reading

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Which Hitchcock Film is Your Favorite?

Today post is essentially a readers’ poll. I’d like to hear your thoughts about which one of these Hitchcock films is the best. I’ll even include a choice called “Other” and let you specify any Hitchcock movie you think outdoes … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘Miller’s Crossing’ (1990)

In a cheeky nod to old gangster movies and films noir, the Brothers Coen once again employ their twisted sense of humor in Miller’s Crossing. Our hero, Tom Reagan (played by the always awesome Gabriel Byrne) works as right hand … Continue reading

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Saturday’s B-Movie Madness!

If, like me, you’re snowed in today, I hope you still have electricity. That way you can enjoy this mild send-up of a rather well-known bad B-movie, while staying warm and dry inside your home. Thus, it is my great … Continue reading

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‘The (Really, Really) Long Goodbye’ (1973)

Being a long-time fan of Robert Altman, it pains me some to say that his take on The Long Goodbye by Raymond Chandler is not a particular favorite of mine. It is a clever film – I’ll give it that. … Continue reading

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And the Contest Winner Is …!

I’m pleased to announce that five whole people (or Tweeple!) retweeted my post of last Thursday and, thus, entered the contest to win a copy of my short story anthology, FIVE UNEASY PIECES. Now … having assigned each entrant a … Continue reading

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Reefer Madness – Part Three

In continuation of the previous two Saturdays, here’s Part Three of one of the worst movies ever made — Reefer Madness! 🙂 And, for your enjoyment, an amazing movie, you simply won’t believe!

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Contest to Win a Film Lover’s Short Story Anthology

Being that I’m quite the movie nerd and book lover, not to mention published author of several mystery novels and other fiction, it seems only fitting that I should do a book giveaway on this blog! As you may know, … Continue reading

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Tarantino Amazes in ‘Reservoir Dogs’ (1992)

Within the growing pantheon of independent films of the time, Reservoir Dogs is yet another standout. This 99-minute Quentin Tarantino movie established his style and voice within the neo-noir genre: one that relied heavily on violence, pop culture, profanity, and … Continue reading

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B-Movie Extravaganza – Part Two

It is with both pleasure and trepidation that I bring you Part Two of what may possibly be the most … unbelievable B-movie ever made. I speak of none other than the cult favorite (or not), Reefer Madness! So, let’s … Continue reading

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