B-Movie Extravaganza


Now, with the coming of the new year, I offer one of the best or worst B-movies ever made! I speak of none other than the notoriously bad film, Reefer Madness!

It seems apt that in these times in which the subject of marijuana legalization is under so much debate, that this movie should be thoroughly mocked reconsidered for all it’s worth, which is to say “not much”.

And so, ready or not, here it comes! 🙂

And, just for laughs (I hope!), here’s my short film, My Day as a Detective! 🙂

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4 Responses to B-Movie Extravaganza

  1. Mark Bacon says:

    My Day As a Detective: What a gem! Not quite Double Indemnity, but close!

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  2. It’s ben YEARS since I’ve seen Reefer Madness. Thanks for posting – I’ll be by to check out the next parts.

    Thanks for sharing your day as a detective. I loved the references to movie detectives.

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