Which Hitchcock Film is Your Favorite?

Today post is essentially a readers’ poll. I’d like to hear your thoughts about which one of these Hitchcock films is the best. I’ll even include a choice called “Other” and let you specify any Hitchcock movie you think outdoes any of the named choices.

Please leave a comment, letting me know which Hitchcock film is YOUR favorite!

Here are the choices:

#1 North by Northwest


#2 Rear Window


#3 Psycho


#4 Other (Please specify name)


If you leave a comment, I’ll enter you into a drawing for a free copy of this ebook!

I Found It at the Movies - Revision

Just leave a comment indicating which film you like most, and I’ll include you in the random drawing for my ebook film review compilation. There will be only one winner. Leave your comment by midnight (as in, the end of the day) on Sunday, January 31. I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday!

Good luck!

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12 Responses to Which Hitchcock Film is Your Favorite?

  1. If I have to pick from one of these, I’d say Rear Window, based on the short story by Cornell Woolrich. But, hands down, my fav Hitch movie is “The 39 Steps.” I could watch it again and again. I think I first saw it on the big screen at a Hitchcock revival.

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    • I love “The 39 Steps”! I’ve always thought the parallels between that and “North by Northwest” were intriguing, in that both deal with a man on the run thrust into a situation over his head. The latter has the benefit of that awesome scene at Mount Rushmore! Not to mention Eva Saint Marie! 🙂


  2. BNoirDetour says:

    Rear Window. (Though about tied with Vertigo. Then Strangers on a Train and a Rope.)
    Enter me in the giveaway, too! 🙂

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  3. Joe Stroud says:

    Tough call, he was a master with his genre! I will select North by Northwest as my favorite. A wild adventure with an innocent man getting chased all over….and he still gets the girl! Add in Mr. Hitchcock`s innuendo with the train scene at end…what more can you want?!? 🙂

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    • I used to say that “North by Northwest” was my favorite movie of all. But having seen so many great movies, now I find it tougher to choose. But I’m with you all the way on this one. In fact, the innuendo gets so thick at times in this film, you could cut it with a knife. And the innocent man on the run makes for a great plot!


  4. Paul says:

    Very tough to pick a favorite, but I’d go with “Rear Window,” which really distills the essence of his craft so perfectly.

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  5. Lou-cifer says:

    Marnie…I have watched audiences laugh it off the screen and I have watched audiences become so engrossed in it that a simple cough in the theater sounds like thunder. It’s an odd film for Hitchcock and one that doesn’t always work on audiences but I consider it his best because it’s the most emotional and personal of Hitchcock’s films. Most Hitchcock films are thrillers working off of a situation that any actor could play. Depth of characterization is not how Hitchcock typically builds a story from. But Marnie is an exception. Here there is fear of exposure (she’s a criminal) competing with a detective-like need to know what makes this woman tick. So she discloses her feelings and the facts are literally pulled from her memory. Hitchcock makes us complicit in both caring for the character and also demanding she reveal herself. We love her and also rape her just as the Sean Connery character does. I know of no other film, by Hitchcock or anyone, that gets to this primal core of this duality in gender relations. My love for this film isn’t all thematic. There are shots, gestures, lines of dialogue, bits of surrealism, and cues of score that are just perfect in creating emotion. But because of the unconventional aspects of the film, it has been a bit of a hard sell. It’s so much easier to point to Rear Window, Strangers on a Train, or North By Northwest, mainstream crowd pleasers, as Hitchcock’s best, that Marnie has always been overshadowed and overlooked.

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  6. Tough question! For me, I think ti’s a toss-up between Shadow of a Doubt, Strangers on a Train and Rope. I’m glad to see previous commenters vote for “The 39 Steps”, which is a close second in my book!

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