Part Three of ‘Plan 9’: A B-Horror Film


Time for Part Three of Plan 9 From Outer Space, a really wretched amazing B-horror film in which aliens come to earth with a plan. Plan 9! But they never explain what Plans 1 through 8 are and why they won’t or didn’t work.

And so, ready or not, on with the show! 🙂

Finally, here’s something I hope you really enjoy!

Ah … the innocent humor of a different era! 🙂

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3 Responses to Part Three of ‘Plan 9’: A B-Horror Film

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  2. Yes, exactly – what DID happen to Plans 1-8?

    You know, I’d always heard this film had a rather, uh, thrifty budget, but I had NO IDEA until you started posting these film segments. But it’s still a compelling film – you can’t NOT watch it.

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    • I know what you mean. I’ve heard so much about this movie. And “thrifty” is an understatement. 🙂

      To be doing this series gives me the chance to watch it, while mocking it. Which is kind of awesome. It’s a film that practically begs to be mocked! 🙂

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