Part Four of ‘Plan 9’: A B-Horror Film


Another Saturday, another installment in this thoroughly ridiculous inane low-budget movie production.

I speak of none other than Part Four of Plan 9 From Outer Space!

So, without further ado, here we go! 🙂

Plus, a silly little video I threw together with public domain footage and music, as well as royalty-free images. I did throw in a little piano at the end, which I played.

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2 Responses to Part Four of ‘Plan 9’: A B-Horror Film

  1. So many great lines in “Plan 9” – and I mean yours, not necessarily theirs. (I did a huge guffaw when the actor said, “A flying saucer?” and you said, “No, a walking saucer.” Bahaha!)

    Also, really enjoyed the clean water PSA!

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