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Teenagers From Outer Space — Part Three

Back once again with Part Three of the … indescribable thingie that is Teenagers From Outer Space. Let’s get the show underway! And here’s how Mystery Science Theater 3000 handled it! 🙂

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My Review of ‘The Man Who Wasn’t There’ (2001)

I re-watched this movie again recently, and it amazed me how much I’d forgotten about it. Not only was it a great story but it was like a love letter to the film noir classic Double Indemnity. Or a tongue-in-cheek … Continue reading

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Teenagers From Outer Space – Part Two

And now, since it’s Saturday once again, it’s the Saturday Matinee movie! Presenting Part Two of Teenagers From Outer Space! At 4 min. and about 23 seconds, the subtitle should read, “For a cardboard box this is so hard to … Continue reading

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#BNoirDetour Film for 4/24: City Streets

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Let’s roll back to 1931 and enjoy a fabulous pre-Code pre-noir together! City Streets (1931) is a pre-Code adventure (“Throbbing with thrills!”) about Nan (Sylvia Sidney — who replaced an ill Clara Bow in…

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Ruth Roman, Klondike Crime Boss

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Don’t mess with Ruth Roman – or her wardrobe. “Nobody ever did anything for nothing.” This is the cynical view of The Far Country, a 1954 Western starring James Stewart and Ruth Roman. It’s a…

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My Review of ‘Blue Velvet” (1986)

This was one of those films I was a bit squeamish about seeing. I’d seen Twin Peaks and I knew David Lynch could get weird, but did I really want to watch Dennis Hopper tormenting Isabella Rossellini while huffing possible … Continue reading

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New Bad Film Series: Teenagers From Outer Space

There really are no words to describe this movie. And, on that note, here’s Part One of Teenagers From Outer Space! Finally, here’s a Hollywood cartoon from Merry Melodies! 🙂

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