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Teenagers From Outer Space — Part Three

Back once again with Part Three of the … indescribable thingie that is Teenagers From Outer Space. Let’s get the show underway! And here’s how Mystery Science Theater 3000 handled it! 🙂

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My Review of ‘The Man Who Wasn’t There’ (2001)

I re-watched this movie again recently, and it amazed me how much I’d forgotten about it. Not only was it a great story but it was like a love letter to the film noir classic Double Indemnity. Or a tongue-in-cheek … Continue reading

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Teenagers From Outer Space – Part Two

And now, since it’s Saturday once again, it’s the Saturday Matinee movie! Presenting Part Two of Teenagers From Outer Space! At 4 min. and about 23 seconds, the subtitle should read, “For a cardboard box this is so hard to … Continue reading

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#BNoirDetour Film for 4/24: City Streets

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Let’s roll back to 1931 and enjoy a fabulous pre-Code pre-noir together! City Streets (1931) is a pre-Code adventure (“Throbbing with thrills!”) about Nan (Sylvia Sidney — who replaced an ill Clara Bow in…

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Ruth Roman, Klondike Crime Boss

Originally posted on Silver Screenings:
Don’t mess with Ruth Roman – or her wardrobe. “Nobody ever did anything for nothing.” This is the cynical view of The Far Country, a 1954 Western starring James Stewart and Ruth Roman. It’s a…

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My Review of ‘Blue Velvet” (1986)

This was one of those films I was a bit squeamish about seeing. I’d seen Twin Peaks and I knew David Lynch could get weird, but did I really want to watch Dennis Hopper tormenting Isabella Rossellini while huffing possible … Continue reading

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New Bad Film Series: Teenagers From Outer Space

There really are no words to describe this movie. And, on that note, here’s Part One of Teenagers From Outer Space! Finally, here’s a Hollywood cartoon from Merry Melodies! 🙂

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My Review of ‘The Usual Suspects” (1995)

This is one of those movies you have to watch three or four times in order to make complete sense of it (assuming that can be done). It starts near the end where everyone dies in a boat fire, except … Continue reading

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I’m Ba-a-a-ck From Hollywood!

Hello! 🙂 Given that I just returned from my business/pleasure trip to Los Angeles and Hollywood, in particular, I haven’t had time to do much other than check my numerous emails, try to answer a few, and carry on business … Continue reading

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Hooray for Hollywood!

Hello all! 🙂 There will be a brief intermission while I go off to La-la-Land and pitch one of my short stories to a producer or a roomful of them. Or something. 🙂 So … in lieu of my usual … Continue reading

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