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My Review of ‘The Singing Detective’ (1986)

Today I’m reviewing a show that actually originated on the BBC. Although a movie was made based on this show, I have yet to see it. However, this show (which was essentially a miniseries) impressed me so much that I … Continue reading

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Two Late for Tears — Part Two

Hello and welcome back for another Saturday Matinee feature! And the movie for the next few weeks is Too Late for Tears, an old film noir! Now, when I say “old film noir”, that might seem a bit repetitive. However, … Continue reading

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A Buster Keaton Break

I humbly apologize for not having a movie review today. In between visits to various doctors for my random and sundry ailments, I simply haven’t had time. Yeah, yeah, I know … boo hoo! 🙂 Even so, I went digging … Continue reading

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Serialized Film Noir Matinee

I’d like to start a new type of film series. Along with my love of cheesy B-movies, I thoroughly enjoy a classic film noir! If you’ve read any of my movie reviews, I’d say it’s pretty obvious that I’m a … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?’ (1969)

This film takes a hard look at that most ephemeral of goals: realizing The American Dream. It does so within the historical context of the Great Depression in the 1930s. Based on a Horace McCoy novel (which was also quite … Continue reading

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A Film For Friday: The Government Inspector

Originally posted on PAUL D. BRAZILL:
Since I’ve been AWOL from this blog, here’s “The Government Inspector” via Paul D. Brazill! 🙂 PAUL D. BRAZILL View original post

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Parts Eight and Nine of ‘Teenagers From Outer Space’

In the interest of bringing this film to a merciful end not leaving you any further in suspense, I’ve prepared today’s Saturday Matinee to be a double feature! This way you can finally see what happens to that sweet girl, Betty, … Continue reading

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