3 Women Private Eyes You Don’t Want to Miss

Okay, this is total BSP, but I can’t help myself! 🙂

BTW, Ruth’s Maggie Sullivan mystery series will appeal to all you film noir lovers and lovers of old-style detectives. Totally awesome series, with a strong female private eye from the late 30s to the WWII years of Rosie the Riveter!

Gal Gumshoe with M. Ruth Myers

woman sleuth peers over fence

If you’ve run through your supply of mysteries featuring smart, competent women private eyes, here are a few more for you to try. It includes two lawyer-sleuths.

I’ve never really considered such hybrids private eyes since they have another income source, but Private Eye Writers of America accepts them as P.I.’s, so it’s hard to quibble. Plus the plain truth is, I’m a fan of the ones listed here:

Arapaho Lawyer

Vicky Holden, lawyer protagonist of an extensive series by Margaret Coel, is a woman well-versed in two worlds. She’s Arapaho, but has lived for a decade in the outside world before returning to the Wind River reservation and her people. Cases take her across the reservation, through the vast, bleak distances surrounding it, and into Denver. It’s great to be able to truly visualize a setting. I can with this series because from age eight until graduating from…

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