The Saturday Matinee — ‘Five Minutes to Live’


Is it Saturday already? My how time flies when you’re struggling to catch up having BIG FUN! 🙂

I intended to feature Part One of Five Minutes to Live. However, according to YouTube, it would violate copyright in three countries. Or something. Which is weird considering it’s listed among the 1,150 Free Movies Online. See? 🙂 And even though I was able to download the entire thing, now I can’t actually watch it–even though I’m doing a parody.

Well … I could contest it on fair use grounds. But is it more trouble than it’s worth? Probably. Maybe.

So … I guess I’ll just embed the whole thing! Sorry I wasn’t able to show you the captioned version. But that’ll teach me for trusting any old source on the Internet, huh?

In any case and without further ado, … here’s Johnny! 🙂


No! I meant the Man in Black … Johnny Cash!

If I could just go back in time, I’d do it over. Instead, let’s do the time warp again! Again! 🙂

PS: Wait a second! Now I can see it. Well … now I don’t know. Oh, never mind! 🙂

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