My Review of ‘#DrunksLikeUs’ (2014)


In a departure from my usual studio system movie reviews, I’m posting my thoughts about an indie film I had the great pleasure to see.


#DrunksLikeUs tells the story of three ordinary, beer-guzzling British blokes. They’re lured by the mysterious disappearance of a gorgeous woman one of them has “friended” on Facebook into a quest to find her. To save her from whatever horrible fate has beset her.


It is, in fact, a heroes’ journey, with three of the most unlikely heroes ever. The characters are well-defined and play off each other with crackling, witty dialogue. I should note here that the characters use the F-word enough to rival The Big Lebowski. And that’s saying something!

The film seems to send up the mystery genre, the epic quest, and the road movie all in one story. The use of a voiceover narrator, along with clever subtitles plus one slightly cheesy special effect give the movie a delightfully self-conscious “cinematic” feel.


There is even a visual nod toward Quentin Tarantino (look for the photo of hit men Vince Vega and Jules from Pulp Fiction) plus a bit of fiddling with the narrative’s timeline (at least, at one point).


I highly recommend this one. I mean, you gotta love a movie that starts off with a line like, “Zuckerberg is a cunt”!

This one gets a definite two thumbs up!

Hand showing thumbs up. All on white background.

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