Keep Calm and ‘Breathe Easy’ (2017)


This is an indie film, extraordinary for both its subject matter and its scope.

To summarize briefly, the story is about a bizarre, toxic cloud that descends over the Earth’s major cities. And, as a result, people start going crazy as bedbugs nutters bonkers rabid a bit nuts.


The film is about … various people around the world. But who, you might ask, is the protagonist? At least, my screenwriters group would ask that.


Here’s what’s really awesome. This movie focuses on a group of men in Britain, who meet three women in a witch’s coven. But the narrative jumps around from Britain to Hong Kong to Mexico to South Africa and beyond, where various other characters react to the oncoming crisis with disbelief, fear, hysteria, and so on to what appears to be the End of Days.

This story is by turns sad, scary, suspenseful, and hilarious. Despite the fact that it required 23 directors in 17 countries to make the film, somehow it all hangs together beautifully. Furthermore, it has so much to say at so many levels—about environmental protection, world peace, aliens, our reason for being here—yet never gets didactic or preachy.


In short, this film is an astonishing and outstanding achievement that everyone should see.

Hand showing thumbs up. All on white background.

This one richly deserves two thumbs up!

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