Dementia 13 — Part One


This week kicks off with an old Roger Corman goodie! Yes, if you click that link, you’ll see that Roger is still alive and kicking! The man survived the mass celebrity slaughter year 2016! 🙂 Now, that’s saying something.

In any case, and without further ado, here’s Part One of Dementia 13! Produced by Roger Corman, and directed by none other than Francis Ford Coppola! 🙂

And speaking of failed early efforts early attempts at short film, here’s a video I made for a Valentine’s Day challenge. It required capturing a story about love (happy or sad) in five seconds — tops! Not counting the intro or outro. It’s called Modern Love.

Modern Love from Debbi Mack on Vimeo.

Yep, I have no shame, at this point! 🙂

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6 Responses to Dementia 13 — Part One

  1. Debbi that 5 sec film was a hard challenge. You rose to meet it! Good for you! Ah, Dementia 13. I remember watching this film way back when. It was trippy & hard to believe Francis Coppola did it. God bless, Roger! He is the man that launched a thousand careers.

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