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My Book Review of ‘The Philosophy of Neo-Noir’ (2007)

This week’s review is of a book called The Philosophy of Neo-Noir, a collection of essays by scholarly authors with credentials in a wide array of studies, from philosophy to artistry to women’s studies and more. For a true cinephile, … Continue reading

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Dementia 13 — Part Six

Finally … we’ve reached the end of this peculiar particular B-movie! I speak of none other than Part Six of Dementia 13! So … endure enjoy it while it lasts! 🙂 And here are the coming attractions! 🙂

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My Review of ‘Suspicion’ (1941)

Like many a Hitchcock film, this one involves a train. In this instance, a man and woman meet on a train. They are Johnnie Aysgarth (played with debonair suave by Cary Grant) and Lina McLaidlaw (played with shy reserve by … Continue reading

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Dementia 13 — Part Five

You’ll be relieved happy to know that this is really the penultimate part of this dreadful mess most unique film. So … without further delay, here’s Part Five of Dementia 13! 🙂

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Five Favorite Movies About Movies

I’m not usually one to make Top 10 lists about my favorite movies, because I love so many it’s nearly impossible for me to rank them. For me, it’s like trying to pick a favorite book. Aren’t all the good … Continue reading

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Dementia 13 — Part Four

Hello and happy Saturday! 🙂 It’s time for yet another part of the amazingly weird cheaply made bizarre movie that is Dementia 13! So … here you are! And for your further enjoyment … here’s The Slumgullion podcast! 🙂 Made … Continue reading

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My Review of ’12 Monkeys’ (1995)

This film is another great blend of neo-noir and science fiction. It also bears the slightly madcap earmarks of a Terry Gilliam-directed movie. Other examples would include Brazil and Time Bandits. The story is about a prisoner named Cole (played … Continue reading

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Oscar-winning Cinematography (1927-2016)

Originally posted on Screenwriting from Iowa:
Compiled by Burger Fiction (“We make videos about movies”):

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Dementia 13 — Part Three

Once again, it’s time for the Saturday Matinee! This week we have Part Three of Dementia 13! Hang on to your hat, because things are getting weirder than ever in this film. Also, here’s my entry into last weekend’s Vimeo … Continue reading

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Original vs. Remake: ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’

I’d love to say that I absolutely adored Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway in the original version of this film. Except it would be a flat-out lie. Maybe it was all the hype around this movie, but honestly … I … Continue reading

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