Part Two of ‘Five Minutes to Live’

Hello all! 🙂 Today I have for your viewing pleasure Part Two of Five Minutes to Live!


So … with apologies to Austria, Germany, and Switzerland (where this public domain film has been blocked on YouTube for God knows what reason), here’s the movie! 🙂

RIP Don Rickles!

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6 Responses to Part Two of ‘Five Minutes to Live’

  1. Lord, Debbi! Where to begin? Vic Tayback? Shouldn’t he be taking care of a diner in AZ? Your running commentary is priceless. I was glad to see that Johnny offed Doris. Furthermore, I love it when a writer names a character the same name as the actor. It makes me think that maybe the actor isn’t capable enough to remember he is someone else.
    Then I see Ron Howard! This must have been a proud moment for him. I am sure he thinks back on it with happiness. This is the kind of bad movie I can get behind. When Johnny called that woman a mess, I thought, just like this film! Good times, so much fun!

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  2. I love this line: “She may live like a magazine ad, but she don’t look like one.” I also love the close-up shots of the breakfast mush.

    Wee Ron Howard is SO CUTE! So tiny and already a professional.

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