Five Minutes to Live — Part Three

Once again, it’s time for The Saturday Matinee!

This week’s B-movie disaster feature is Part Three of a movie with the highly unexpected unusual appearance by Johnny Cash! It’s called Five Minutes to Live!

I’ll give you five seconds to decide how horrible dreadful second-rate unique this film is! 🙂

Happy Easter Weekend! 🙂

Here’s Manny’s Top 10 Best Easter Movies!

I think Manny might have missed one! 🙂

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5 Responses to Five Minutes to Live — Part Three

  1. Dear Lord, Debbi! I had a really bad day and this cracked me up. Your subtitles are funny as all get out. They make this movie better than what it is. The stiff acting, the horrible script but in a good way! LOVE THIS!

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  2. Whoa! That’s quite a twist with the other woman.

    I agree with Susan’s comments – your subtitles are priceless.

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