The Grand Finale of ‘Five Minutes to Live’

You’ll be thrilled to know that this film is finally ending has reached its big finale. Complete with a final scene from Johnny Cash that’ll leave you wondering what the hell the film producers were thinking breathless.

Now, having said that, I think it would be great fun to make these movies more interactive. I’m sure, if you’ve been watching them, that you’ve had a thought or two you’d like to share.

So, what I’m thinking … what if I put up a whole movie once a month and viewers got to comment as the movie progressed a la MST3K? Or did it in serialized form, with viewer input? Hmm …?

I’m still mulling over how to do this effectively. Do I have a plan? Well … no! 🙂  Has THAT ever stopped me? Of course not!

In any case, and without further ado, here’s Part Six of Five Minutes to Live!

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I’m offering a free audio story for anyone who signs up. It’s The Allison Hayes Story, a bittersweet story, to say the least. Kind of a tragedy, really. But one that led to great things. I guess.

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3 Responses to The Grand Finale of ‘Five Minutes to Live’

  1. I actually enjoyed this! Thanks! 🙂

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