5 Reasons We Love Classic Film

Celebrate National Classic Movie Day with the Five Stars Blogathon! 🙂

Silver Screenings

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Dear Reader, if you were our neighbour, we would invite you to our place to celebrate National Classic Movie Day on May 16.

There would be balloons, champagne and, of course, a classic movie. Oh – and cake, too!

Doris Day, James Stewart and Alfred Hitchcock are celebrating too. • Image: Cinephilia & Beyond

Rick at Classic Film and TV Café, an advocate of classic film and movie critic extraordinaire, hosts an annual blogging bash to mark National Classic Movie Day. His challenge: Choose five vintage celebrities who make classic movies seem all the more special to you.

We wrestled with this decision for weeks. In the end, we settled on five stars for whom we drop everything to watch. They are five of the reasons we love classic film.

1. Ida Lupino

Ida Lupino in They Drive By Night (1940) • Image: tumblr

Because Ida Lupino…

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