Five Stars for National Classic Movie Day!

Happy National Classic Movie Day – Part Deux! 🙂

B Noir Detour

Five Stars BlogathonWho knew there was a “Classic Movie Day”? I sure didn’t, but I’m sure willing to participate in Classic Film and TV Cafe’s Five Stars Blogathon today. My mission is to list my five favorite movie stars and explain why you love them. Seems simple enough, but this does need some qualification, I feel…

First, I’m listing five favorites of the moment, not “all-time” favorites or “best actors” or “most gorgeous” or anything superlative like that. My tastes change, my film experience grows and changes, and anything other than pausing for a joyous moment to heap praise is beyond the scope of this post.

Second, as a mostly film noir blog, I’m going to limit my faves to stars that are either known for noir or have at least appeared in a few. (That means my list is going to be glaringly, inescapably white. Ack.)

Third, these come in no…

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