Sexy Women and The Big Sleep

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B Noir Detour

sex3It’s time for MovieMovie BlogBlog‘s 3rd Annual Sex! blogathon. I wrote about Born to Kill in 2015, and last year I was all about sex, violence, and Scarlet Street. For 2017, I’m basking in the seductive women of Howard Hawks’ The Big Sleep (1946). If you’ve read the Raymond Chandler novels, you know Marlowe is a tall, dark, beefcake of a private dick, with thick wavy hair and a body built to wear a trench coat. He likes his women dripping with sin, even though he says they take him to the cleaner’s every time. But as Marlowe reasons, where else has he ever been?

In the original 1939 novel The Big Sleep, Vivian is in a loveless marriage to missing bootlegger Rusty Regan. Despite this, she attempts to seduce Marlowe to get him off her trail as she seeks the help of club-owner Eddie Mars to protect her kid sister…

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