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My Review of ‘Casablanca’ (1942)

It came to my attention earlier this week that this movie recently had an anniversary. That reminded me of when I first saw it at the age of 17 on TV (of course). I think it was a lazy Sunday … Continue reading

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Part Five of ‘White Zombie’

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in the U.S. of A., where I happen to live. And even though I could stuff myself with food and simply laze around the house, I’ve chosen not to do so. And I’m not overlooking the … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk Turkey!

Since it’s Thanksgiving, I figured I’d keep this post short and sweet! 🙂 Thanksgiving is a great time to indulge, not only in food, but in watching your favorite films. So … in the spirit of the holiday, here are … Continue reading

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Spy Noir and Nazi Agent (1942)

Originally posted on B Noir Detour:
This post is brings together my ongoing interest in the films of Conrad Veidt (see introductory post here) and the history and definition of film noir. Film noir can be read and defined in…

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A fascinating blog post! :)

via Joan Crawford And Humphrey Bogart

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‘White Zombie’ — Part Four

Yes, people, it’s back again and simply refuses to end! It’s yet another part of the alleged first zombie movie ever made, at least as a feature film. So … without further ado, here’s Part Four of White Zombie! 🙂

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My Review of ‘They Won’t Believe Me’ (1947)

This is another entry in the TCM Noir Alley line-up. Told almost entirely in flashback in probably the longest, most rambling witness testimony in any courtroom ever, the main character Larry Ballentine (played by Marcus Welby against type by Robert … Continue reading

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‘White Zombie’ – Part Three

It’s with great trepidation pride that I give you the third part of the movie that’s considered the first feature length zombie picture (at least, according to Wikipedia). And that movie is … White Zombie! 🙂

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My Review of ‘Split Second’ (1953)

This film noir is distinguished by being not only post-World War II, but post-atomic. And that’s not its only distinction. Among other things, this movie marked the directorial debut of Dick Powell. RKO Pictures had turned Powell’s acting career in … Continue reading

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Part Two of ‘White Zombie’

I’m deeply regretful thrilled to inform you that it’s time for Part Two of White Zombie! Did you know that there was a band called White Zombie? I’m sure this will thrill you, too! 🙂

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