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‘Glen or Glenda’ – Part Two

Once again, I have another peculiar interesting entry in the realm of B-movies. This week it’s the second part of what many consider to be one of the worst movies (if not THE WORST movie) ever! Glen or Glenda—the movie … Continue reading

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Would You Use a Movie Journal?

I don’t know about you, but I have an ever-growing list of films I want to see. Not to mention review. So I thought it might be nice to create an easy-to-use, free journal for keeping track of the movies … Continue reading

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I Found it at the Movies: Film Noir Reviews by Debbi Mack

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There’s an enthusiasm in these pages which is infectious. The author clearly loves her genre and it’s impossible not to feel that pulsate through every review or short essay. I’d imagine that anyone…

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‘Glen or Glenda’ – Part One

Happy Saturday or whatever day you happen to see this! The latest movie feature was selected based in part on a poll, which drew all of two votes! Yay! Someone’s paying attention. Far out! 🙂 In any case, given the … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ (1969)

This is one of those movies that got an R-rating back when I was a young teenager. Which made it catnip to my (immature little) mind! When my cousin took me to see the film (in a double feature with … Continue reading

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Part Eight of ‘The Invisible Man Vs. The Human Fly’

It feels like years eons forever a long time since I started showing this one! 🙂 But I’m thrilled beyond words deliriously happy glad to say that we’ve reached the end of this particular saga! After this, things can only … Continue reading

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Original vs. Remake: ‘True Grit’

This is one of those movies that I didn’t see until the remake was made. In fact, it was the remake that inspired me to watch the original. And, to be honest, I’d never wanted to see this movie until … Continue reading

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The Time Travel Blogathon – Day 3

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About Time (2013) Image: Giphy We’ve had a magnificent time, going back and forth through the ages with the Time Travel Blogathon. Thanks to all who participated. You exceeded our expectations and made it a…

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‘The Invisible Man Vs. The Human Fly’ — Part Seven

P It’s time yet again for another part of this incomprehensible mess bizarre peculiar little film. So hold onto your hats! Here comes Part Seven of The Invisible Man Vs. The Human Fly! 🙂 PS: Just as an aside, the … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘Time After Time’ (1979)

Time After Time is a very clever time travel movie. It’s also something of the genre-bender, in that it’s a science fiction/thriller/romantic suspense movie. And it’s a fictionalized account involving real people—one of whom wrote a novel about a time … Continue reading

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