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My Review of ‘Trouble Is My Business’ (2018)

One of the nice things about Trouble Is My Business is that it makes no bones about exactly what it is. Clearly, the film is a love letter to the movies of yesteryear—specifically, those in the film noir style. Having … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Saïdeh Pakravan's The Counter Argument:
For a woman, surely, there can’t be many life experiences as dreadful as rape. Even so- called “consensual” sex can be hard to bear when, for work-related or other reasons…

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‘Killers From Space’ – Part Five

Hello and happy Memorial Day weekend to those of you who celebrate! 🙂 Continuing on with the latest B-movie feature of the weekend, here’s Part Five of Killers From Space. This is the penultimate part of the film. So the … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘Ronin’ (1998)

As action-thrillers go, this one is (as my British friends would say) a corker. It has the unbeatable combination of exotic locations, convoluted plot, and an increasingly breathtaking succession of car chases. It also has an ensemble cast to weep … Continue reading

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Part Four of ‘Killers From Space’

It’s the weekend and time for the next part in this rather bizarre unique movie. Be advised that the following scenes contain graphic depictions of aliens with eyes like golf balls. Having duly warned you said that, let’s get on with … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘The Narrow Margin’ (1952)

This is a taut film noir thriller that takes place almost entirely on a train. It starts with an LAPD detective, Walter Brown (played by Charles McGraw) and his partner Sergeant Gus Forbes (played by Don Bedoe) picking up their … Continue reading

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‘Killers From Space’ — Part Three

As always, here’s another part of the B-movie cavalcade. (That’s the Word of the Day. Cavalcade! 🙂 ) I’m speaking writing, of course, about Part Three of Killers From Space!

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My Review of ‘Blast of Silence’ (1961)

There’s much to like about this movie, but it falls short of perfect. Let’s go over the good stuff before we turn our attention to the not-so-good. And—warning—this review does reveal spoilers. To begin with, Blast of Silence is an … Continue reading

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‘Killers From Space’ – Part Two

Here it is, folks! The movie you’ve been breathlessly waiting for! It’s Part Two of Killers From Space! PS: Happy Cinco de Mayo! 🙂

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My Review of ‘Crossfire’ (1947)

This movie goes beyond the usual territory of film noir—postwar, nuclear age anxiety about gender roles, etc., etc.—into the realm of social commentary. The message in this case being one against anti-Semitism. The plot revolves around a group of soldiers … Continue reading

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