My Review of ‘Nox’ (2019)

I’m always awed when someone can tell a complex story in a short time. The film Nox is an excellent example of that.

The opening shots of a nighttime vista of water and woods sweep across the screen, with the ominous tones of the score in the background. In a few short scenes, we learn that the movie is dark, edgy, and about a crime (or crimes).

I don’t want to give away too much, but I will say that the story starts off deceptively simple. However, buried beneath that facade are possible inferences, plot complications, secrets.

As someone who writes crime fiction and knows something about thriller and crime tropes, this film’s ending really made me think.

And the final shot? Love the watery reflection off the pool. I’ll leave the rest for you to mull over.

Another great short thriller from writer-director Keyvan Sheikhalishahi.

I’m still thinking about that ending! 🙂

PS: Seriously, keep your eye on this guy! Here’s his website!

Disclosure:  The writer-director sent me a link to the screener in exchange for an honest review. Here’s the trailer again! 🙂

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  1. If the ending of this film made you think – with your background in crime – then this must be a very smart film. The trailer sets up intrigue, but gives nothing away.

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  2. Bahaha! Hilarious!

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