’13 Ghosts (B-Movie Review) — Part Two

Ready to pick up from where we left off in Part One? 🙂

Well, ready or not … here we go!

So, after a second act full of spooky, Illusion-O effects, etc., things come to a head when it turns out there’s hidden money in the house. Apparently, every time Cyrus’ Very Young, Innocent Little Boy (VYILB) slides down the bannister, money just falls to the floor. Someone did a great job of hiding that money. (No, not really.)

Um …!

Then, Rush (Dr. Zorba’s lawyer) finds out about the hidden dough and uses the kid to keep it secret from the family. You see, Rush killed Zorba (using a combination bed canopy/trash compactor) and he suspected there was money hidden in the house, but he didn’t know where it was. This is why he insisted the family had to stay in the house. In other words, he lied. This is a lot of exposition that’s revealed in ways much better than this, believe me.

Anyway, Rush tries pretending to be a ghost (or other spectral being) to scare the family out of the house, now that he’s close to getting the money. The Big Bad Lawyer even tries to kill the VYILB.

Ya smug bastard!

However, the boy manages a last-minute escape from the deadly bed canopy/trash compactor and the Big Bad Lawyer ends up in his place. How ironic. Or karmic. Or just … justice.

Thus, Lawyer Guy ends up being the 13th (or 12th) ghost. And thus the title.

And they all lived happily ever after. In another house.

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