The Faux Feminism Of Classic Sci-Fi Films

This Saturday (again) brings you something a bit different.

As I was scanning possible public domain B-movies to serialize, I found this gem!

It seemed on-point for this blog and my burgeoning fixation continued interest in low-budget flicks!

See for yourself! 🙂 It’s good for a laugh or a cry.

However, I’ve seen the future in Spandex and purple hair! 🙂

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4 Responses to The Faux Feminism Of Classic Sci-Fi Films

  1. moviefanman says:

    Very interesting; yes, even back then the idea of a strong independent woman gave men the creeps. How wrong they were even then.

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    • Debbi says:

      It’s amazing how much of that mentality was drummed into our brains through movies and TV.

      I’m just glad I was born in time to see the changes that have come about. 🙂


  2. Great videos you posted, both of them. Lots of food for thought in the Faux Feminism one…every time I see this type of movie I’m continually rolling my eyes and saying, “Oh yes, of course” in a very sarcastic way.

    Thanks for sharing these. I’m now thinking about dyeing my hair purple. 😉

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