The Coffee Film Tag Challenge

Photo by Steve Tsang on Unsplash.

Hi! Is it too late for me to do this? I hope not.

And I also hope you like the coffee image I pulled off Unsplash (an awesome stock photo site).

So … it all started with this comment I got on my About Me Page. Let’s see what I’ve come up with.

Black Coffee – A Favorite Film That’s Hard to Get Into

I have a really hard time with this one, since my favorite films usually grab me right away.

Let me think on that.

Peppermint Coffee – A Favorite Christmas/Holiday Film

Omigosh! Where do I start?

You have the action holiday movie, for lack of a better term.

There’s The Long Kiss Goodnight.

And there’s the crime holiday movies. Like L.A. Confidential. Sorry, I strayed into the 90s there! But it’s irresistible.

Holiday bad asses. 🙂

Not to mention The Thin Man (which I’ve named as a holiday favorite a couple of times).

And I can’t forget The Apartment or Hannah and Her Sisters! (Whew, just under the wire with that last one!)

Oh, and Miracle on 34th Street. The original, of course! 🙂

Um … let’s move on!

Hot Chocolate – A Favorite Children’s Film

Oh, well. I’d say The Wizard of Oz is my favorite kid’s film. Still.

We’re off to see the Wizard!

Double Espresso A Film That Held Your Interest for the Whole Run Time

Oh, my. The whole run time? That would either be North by Northwest or Run Lola Run. (From the late 90s. Sorry again.)

How’s that so far?

Starbucks: A Film That You’ve Watched More Than Any Other

Um … whoa! I’ll name one (maybe two), because I watch certain movies over and over like an idiot.

I could watch Midnight Run a hundred more times, and it would never get old to me.

I could also watch The Big Sleep over and over and over …

Hipster Coffee Shop – Give an Indie or Foreign Film a Shout-Out

I can name a few good foreign films. I already mentioned Run Lola Run, so another one I’ll throw out is La Femme Nikita. (Personally, I prefer it to the American remake, which wasn’t bad, but wasn’t quite as awesome as the French original. It was also released in 1990.)

I’m a huge fan of Jacques Tati. Especially the movie Playtime.

And one of the most inspiring movies I’ve ever seen is Ikiru.

Oops….Got Decaf – A Film That Disappointed You

*sigh* Well, I had high hopes for Once Upon a Crime, which was touted as a black comedy, but … well, if you ask me, the movie itself was a crime. (Yet another 90s film.)

See that poster with all those talented people on it? Totally wasted. Honestly, skip this one.

This trailer makes it look … better than it is somewhat less crappy.

Perfect Blend – A Bittersweet Film Mix That Seems Perfect

When it comes to bittersweet films that seem perfect, does it really get much better than Casablanca?

Coffee With Your Sugar – A Film You Might Love a Little too Much

I could probably come up with a bunch. Mostly either wonderful satires and parodies, like Airplane!

And OMG! Check out this list! 🙂

Or just over-the-top silly movies like the original Casino Royale! (From the Sixties. And it shows.)

Friends Don’t Let Friends Have Starbucks – A Film You Tell Others to Avoid

Okay, whatever you do, I urge you like you wouldn’t believe not to see Two or Three Things I Know About Her … .  I cannot emphasize strongly enough how thoroughly boring, pedantic, pretentious, and pointless this movie is.

Yes, this was made by that Jean-Luc Godard guy. I think he was trying for innovative. Unfortunately, it may be innovative, but nobody wants it. Nobody should, anyway.

In case you need proof … note the incredibly annoying whispered narration. By the director.

Trust me when I say captioning the dialogue in English doesn’t help.

Sorry, but this is something that can’t be unseen you were warned! 🙂

PS: I’ll have to pass on the first one, because I really can’t think of a favorite film that didn’t draw me in right away.

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6 Responses to The Coffee Film Tag Challenge

  1. moviefanman says:

    Love it, love it, love it!!!! Very interesting, varied, and unique choices, glad you had fun with it. Don’t worry about the pre-90’s guidelines, I understand everyone has different tastes.

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    • Debbi says:

      The irony is that my tastes run all over the map! 🙂 If I thought harder, I could name movies that date back to the 30s. But these were among the ones that came right to mind.

      Thanks for the invite, though. I love revisiting favorite movies! 🙂 And not-so-favorite ones, too!


  2. Fabulous collection of films!

    Also: I didn’t know “Play Time” had a 4K restoration. Great news!

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