‘4D Man’ (B-Movie Review) — Part One

So … are you all ready for this? 🙂

I hope so, because here it comes. It’s my B-movie review of 4D Man!

To make this film, the producers traveled through time roughly 10 years in the future to the late 60s, where they stole the idea for psychedelic credits and made off with the score from a Quinn-Martin production.

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The story opens with a shot of what looks like an old dormitory, where Dr. Tony Nelson (whose name they nicked from I Dream of Jeannie, along with the rest) attempts the essential scientific research needed to jam a pencil through a brick (or something). But, through the careless use of lab equipment, Dr. Nelson sets his chemistry kit on fire. And before you know it, the whole dorm is engulfed in flames.

The good doctor is thus fired. As in no longer employed, not set on fire.

He catches a ride with a tractor-trailer driver, who drops him off somewhere in the vicinity of another lab, where his brother, Scott (who is, of course, also a doctor) works on experiments with the future Catwoman and some other guy (we’ll call him Mr. Third Wheel).

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It seems Scott and Associates are having trouble with their experiments on a mysterious substance called Cargonite—a material so dense, it’s impenetrable. But can be shaped into a meat loaf pan and baked on HIGH in the microwave. Taste tests reveal that the recipe needs more salt. No, not really! 🙂

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Anyway, Tony, Scott, and Catwoman Linda go on a picnic together. Linda’s wearing an awesome color-coordinated outfit that the costume designer stole from the 1960s, along with some music from a Polaroid commercial.


Aren’t they cute? 🙂

And it becomes painfully (for Scott) obvious that Linda and Tony want to form the Beast with Two Backs, because every time they get together after that, the music resembles those Star Trek (original!) episodes where some poor schmuck falls in love with an alien.


That’s it for Part One! 🙂

PS: This is my 500th post!!! OMG!! Champagne, anyone? 🙂

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  1. moviefanman says:

    Congrats on 500 posts! Keep ’em coming! I saw 4D Man on Svengoolie last night on ME-TV 2 and while I thought the concept was cool, I wasn’t overtly impressed, especially with Robert Lansing and the pseudo Jazz score.

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  2. 500 Posts?! Awesome! I’ll raise a glass to that – Cheers! *clink!*

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