‘4D Man’ (B-Movie Review) — Part Three

I’d say it’s time to dispense with this particular oddity movie. So I bring you Part Three of 4D Man! 🙂

And here’s what came before. Click it to read the previous parts.

However, the coppers get a lead when one of the bills Scott tried to steal ends up stuck inside the vault door. It’s then that Tony says, “I think I’ve made a huge mistake.” Wait, I’m thinking of Arrested Development.

Mr. Third Wheel and Catwoman

So (after Scott kills a few more people—including Mr. Third Wheel—remember him?), Tony takes it on himself to lure Scottie in and use the power of some machine or other to terminate him with Extreme Prejudice. But Scott doesn’t die. Yet.

Now that’s gray!

Scott extracts himself from the Killing Machine looking really gray and haggard, and he stumbles about in exhaustion and/or disbelief that Tony tried to whack him. Everyone evacuates the “Kill Scott Zone”. Except color-coordinated Linda, who’s wearing a white coat because she’s a scientist and white goes with everything.

Linda stays in the control room, locking the door. Which didn’t seem to make sense, until I realized Linda was deviously draining Scott’s power/4D-ness by making him walk through it.

Via Cult Film Freak

Which is why when they kiss, she doesn’t shrivel like a raisin in a broiler. In fact, Linda kisses and kills. Or shoots Scott, at any rate.

Tony joins Linda, and they watch in horror/joy as Scott stumbles into a wall. And keeps going. Never to come out again. Or will he?

And Scott became a cartoon …

This movie is like a two-hour pilot for a cross between Star Trek and The Twilight Zone.

PS: Coming soon, a version of D.O.A. like you’ve never heard/seen the likes of evah! 🙂

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