Part One of ‘The Wasp Woman’

We’re kicking off the new year with another really interesting film from the cheapest most innovative indie filmmaker of them all! The amazing Roger Corman!

So, let’s watch Part One of The Wasp Woman, shall we? 🙂

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2 Responses to Part One of ‘The Wasp Woman’

  1. moviefanman says:

    This was clearly a B (no intentional pun here) movie from the master of schlock Roger Corman, but with his liking of allegory and incorporating interesting parallels, this is also an attack on society’s enforcement of vanity and beauty on women via cosmetics. I believe this recently got a nice restoration somewhere, though I can’t be too sure. Looking forward to the other parts of this.

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    • Debbi says:

      When I watch these, it’s nearly always for the first time. So, it’s like I’m discovering the movie while putting these together. And I can see all sorts of societal norms being brought out in this one! 🙂

      I’m looking forward to seeing where that goes!

      I read his memoir, How I Made A Hundred Movies in Hollywood and Never Lost a Dime. Corman was so driven to get his films made, he moved heaven and earth to get the shots. And he did it on the tightest budgets. I find that amazing.


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