‘Revenge of the Creature’ (B-Movie Review)

This week’s Saturday B-Movie Review can actually be covered in less than a thousand parts in one post!

So here are my thoughts about the second movie in the Creature trilogy.

As one who hadn’t seen the original before the sequels, I came to know this movie with fresh eyes.

This first sequel is pretty easy to summarize. These two guys think it would be cool to go to the Amazon (where the Creature allegedly died in the depths of the river) and find said Creature in order to foist him onto civilization (or vice versa).

And, of course, the Creature’s not dead. He’s lurking about doing his Creature thing. However, he’s re-captured and taken to a Florida prison pool aquatic attraction, where he’s chained to the bottom of the pool and periodically fed and tortured with an electric prod. Doesn’t that warm the cockles of your heart?

I was a star!

And, speaking of hot cockles, one of the torturers is our old friend John Agar, who works with this blonde marine biologist/babe who he (of course) has the hots for lusts after falls for head over heels. In and out of water.

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Agar is one of the guys interested in the Creature. The other is some guy named Joe, who doesn’t really matter for reasons that will soon become clear, but who (for a short while) makes up the third wheel side of a love triangle.

In between torture sessions, Blonde Scientist gazes at the Creature through porthole thingies the tourists use to gawk at the poor thing. And the Creature becomes … well … enamored of Blonde Babe/Scientist.

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So, anyway, the Creature keeps yanking on that chain he’s tethered with. And because they’re incredibly stupid (and unfamiliar with the tensile strength of metal when under repeated and intense pressure, apparently) Blondie and Agar are just wrapping up another feeding/torture session when the Creature breaks the chain, climbs out of the pool, and sends a horde of tourists screaming for the exits. He even manages to kill Joe. (Now do you see why he doesn’t matter?)

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Despite the fact that he’s free, the Creature doesn’t immediately make a break for international waters or seek asylum anywhere other than Florida. The Big Scaly One yearns so for Blondie the Scientist/Babe that he hangs about, mooning from a distance.

But when Agar takes Blondie out for seafood, the Creature mistakenly thinks he should be Blondie’s main course date instead. The scene goes sort of like this:


I hear the lobster is good.

I love a good lobster.

The Creature shambles into enters the scene.

Blondie starts in alarm.

I think that one’s undercooked.


Okay, there’s a bit more to it than that. The Creature grabs Blondie and makes off with her. But he still doesn’t get the hell out of Dodge leave Florida, most likely because his sole means of escape would end up drowning Blondie.

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For that reason, the Creature is forced out of the water so his love interest won’t die on him. And the Creature’s appearance is just a bit noticeable, even in Florida. So, with the help of John Agar, the cops eventually find the Creature and gun his ass down shoot him. And while Agar takes possession of saves (kinda) Blondie, the Creature floats down gracefully into the water, just like he did in the previous movie, because that’s where the footage came from.

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