The Untold Story of Mrs. Flitcraft

As you may know, if you’re a regular visitor here, I have a great deal of interest in film noir.

One of my favorite such films to be adapted from a book is The Maltese Falcon. The 1941 version. You can read my review here.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

If you’re familiar with the novel, you’re probably aware that there at least two ways the movie deviates from the book. Otherwise, the stories are nearly identical.

One difference is that Humphrey Bogart looks nothing like “a blond Satan,” which is the way Sam Spade is described by Hammett.

The other is the removal of the Flitcraft Parable from the storyline. You might want to click this link, if you’re not familiar with it.

Via The Flitcraft Corner.

After a while, I began to question how truthful Mrs. Flitcraft was with Sam Spade. Keep in mind that she was the client and the whole reason Spade got involved with finding the man.

Spade makes her out to be the victim of a “trick [Flitcraft] had played on her.” Well, maybe she was and maybe she wasn’t. 🙂

So, I ended up writing a piece of flash fiction that both serves as fan fiction and an attempt to portray Mrs. Flitcraft as more than one of those women who play “fair games of golf and bridge and like new salad-recipes.”

And then I adapted that into a music video/short story. And here it is. 🙂

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  1. Great flash fiction!

    I always forget about Mrs. Flitcraft from the novel whenever I see The Maltese Falcon.

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