‘The Mummy’s Hand’ (B-Movie Review) — Part Four

We’ve now finally reached the last part of this movie review! I certainly hope you’re enjoying the somewhat drawn-out experience of reading the thing.

Anyway, on to Part Four of my review of The Mummy’s Hand!

And, as you may recall, we left off here.

The Mummy rises and moves toward Petrie Dish, bearing down on him. At that point, it’s farewell to Dr. Petrie Dish, who never really stood a chance. Then, before you can say “abracadabra”, the Mummy vanishes down a convenient corridor.

The not-so-tightly-wrapped creature then goes on a (small) killing spree, taking out one of the extras, scaring the living crap out of Solvani the Magician, and making off with his hapless, but intrepid, daughter. In addition, the Mummy bullies a few more extras and demands his contract to be renegotiated when he finally realizes he doesn’t have a single line.

So Indiana Steve and Bubula Babe split up, with Steve taking the high road and Babe on the low road. And guess who gets to Scotland finds the Ark of the Covenant first? Nobody, of course. That’s in another movie.

Via and you call yourself a scientist?

But Babe does make it to the Temple of Karnak and (after climbing the 39+ steps) thwarts the Mummy’s plan to inject Marta the daughter with tana fluid, so they can be a Mummy couple, I guess.

Via Wolfbane Blooms.

Indiana Steve finally stumbles in and tries everything in his power to stop the Mummy. And, believe it or not, it is not Cut-Rate Romantic Leading Man #6 who gets to shoot the tana fix from the Mummy’s hand. It’s Babe the Comic Relief Sidekick! Frankly, I thought that was the best part of the movie.

Via Basement Rejects.

So, like a typical tana tea junkie, the Mummy tries to slurp the tana juice off the floor. But Steve the Cut-Rate Hero topples a flaming brazier over. (Yes, a flaming brazier, not a burning brassiere. That would be weird.) The spilled juice catches fire, which engulfs the Mummy, who is reduced to a crispy critter in shredded and singed wrappings.

And you call yourself a scientist? 🙂

And, in the end, everyone all the major characters live, get their letters of transit, and beat it the hell out of there.

PS: I’d like to thank Svengoolie for helping to make these reviews possible!


Happy 41st, Sven! 🙂

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4 Responses to ‘The Mummy’s Hand’ (B-Movie Review) — Part Four

  1. Bahaha! I burst out laughing at your caption: “And you call yourself a scientist”.

    Your B-movie review are The Best.

    Liked by 1 person

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