‘The Mummy’s Ghost’ (B-Movie Review) — Part Two

Time for another exciting B-movie review! One almost as weird as the movie itself! 🙂

So, here we go! And here’s the previous part. (Go ahead. Click it and read. I’ll wait.)

(Done? 🙂 Okay, then.)

Here we go! Again.

The Sheriff and Coroner arrive at the late Professor Norman’s house and notice some kind of disgusting crap a mold growing on his throat. Apparently, it’s mummy residue, because it’s at this point that they realize that the Mapleton Mummy walks again! (Which totally sounds like a great title for yet another sequel.)

As for Anakin Ananka Amina, the Sheriff questions her. But she uses her Jedi mind tricks to make him stop her boyfriend provides an alibi (or tries to). The Sheriff throws up his hands shrugs and says, “Works for me.”

Oh, then John Carradine, aka Yousef Bey, comes to Mapleton! (Doesn’t everyone?) And while taking the night air during a walk in the woods, Carradine happens upon a handy tana tea brewing station. (Yes, Mapleton! With a tana tea micro-brewery on every corner, it’s Mapleton’s answer to Starbucks—for mummies!)

Anyway, ole Yousef (being a real Mummy’s boy) (sorry/not sorry about that!) brews up a fresh batch of tana leaf tea, which attracts the Mummy, who blunders across a farmer while crashing through the trees. At which point, the Mummy naturally kills him. So now two people have been offed murdered. In Mapleton, this is what’s known as a crime spree.

Then the movie takes us to the Scripps Museum, where all things Egyptian are displayed. Including the mummified remains of the Mummy’s heartthrob, Anaka Skywalker. But when Kharis, aka, the Mummy, touches Ananka’s bandages wrappings, she crumbles to dust at his touch. When it dawns on Yousef Carradine that the Mummy’s Special Lady Friend has been reincarnated, the Mummy throws a tantrum of—dare I say it?—epic proportions.


Don’t miss the next exciting part of this peculiar amazing review! 🙂

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  1. If, in the ancient world, all roads led to Rome, would you say all roads in the 1940’s led to Mapleton?

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