‘The Mummy’s Ghost’ (B-Movie Review) — Part Four

And now at long last, here’s the final part of this weird, but fun review of a Mummy movie!

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So while the villagers townsfolk follow Tom who’s following Toto a small dog who seems to understand English and acts like Lassie, Yousef Bey Carradine gives the still comatose sleeping Annacannapanna Ananka Amina a drink of tana tea. And Kharis the Mummy cries, “Hey! That’s my tea, bitch!” Okay, not really. But he does go nuts and kill Carradine, who falls conveniently out a window so people can find him.

Tom arrives at the raised shack and like an idiot tries to take on the Mummy who’s descending the stairs with Amina/Ananka draped in his arms. No, wait! That was later after he tossed Tom to the ground, went back upstairs, and snuck down a ladder with Ananka/Amina draped in his arms, while the mob throng of residents close in on the shack’s front door. Is this the World’s Most Nimble Mummy or what?

Then Kharis clumps off to a nearby swamp, where it appears Massachusetts most closely resembles Florida. Tom watches in horror as Mummy Kharis enters the swamp, while Amina/Ananka’s face shrivels like it has “shrinkage”.

Image via Film Freedonia.

They both sink together in the muck. And with the mob crowd in the background, the Sheriff or someone tells Tom, “Well, kid. Guess that’s the breaks, huh?”

But wait! There’s more.

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