‘Night of the Lepus’ (B-Movie Review) (1972) – Part Two

Are you ready for Part Two of this weird fascinating movie about oversized bunny wabbits?

Well, I hope so, because here’s Part Two of my B-Movie Review of Night of the Lepus!

Meanwhile, Blondie the Stupid Kid goes wondering about with a guy she met. And he goes one way while she goes the other and wanders into an old mine. Where she finds a dead body and a huge rabbit with catsup all over his face. Blondie is so horrified at the thought of rabbit with ketchup (is this catsup or ketchup?—I don’t know, I don’t care, it doesn’t matter), she screams her fool head off. And kind of stands there like a moron. Screaming.

“Damn it, guys. I’m still just a doctor, okay?” Image via The Movie Sleuth.

After this, Cole, the Bennetts, and Leonard “Bones” McCoy from Star Trek try to “kill the wabbits” (to paraphrase Elmer Fudd) by blowing them up. And even though a lot of rabbits bite the dust after they’ve blown up all these rabbit holes and the mine opening, more oversized bunnies manage to dig out of the rubble. So, apparently, in addition to now being the size of Easter Parade floats, these rabbits must be anaerobic, since they survived burial under a pile of dirt and rocks. They’re like supervillains, except they’re rabbits and they’re mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore.

Catsup or blood? Smeared lip gloss? 🙂 Image via Clayton’s Cinema Countdown.

From here, things go rapidly downhill, between the preposterous close-ups of bunnies bounding past miniatures and all the catsup on their teeth … well, it’s kind of hard to take any of it seriously. Not that I would’ve even if George Lucas agreed to upgrade the effects with CGI. Or given the residents light sabers.

At this point, the movie manages due to sheer lack of caring budgetary constraints to become an extremely dull film. Viewers are treated to frequent close-ups of multitudes of rabbits writhing and jumping about. Often the same shot is used multiple times. Of course, all the rabbits look pretty much the same, so that works, right?

Image via Eric D. Snider.

Anyway, the bunnies are anything but vegetarian. They seem to have little interest in carrots, that’s for sure. They kill some guy whose name I can’t remember and a general store proprietor, whose name escapes me. Eventually, our fearless heroes come to the stunning conclusion that they should call in the National Guard. Brilliant deduction, Holmes!

More to come in the final part of the review next week! 🙂

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