‘The Invisible Woman’ (B-Movie Review) — Part One

In the next few weeks, we have for you a most interesting movie to skewer without mercy review and comment upon.

This is Part One of the film The Invisible Woman! You can tell from this poster that she means business! 🙂

Ever wonder what would happen if you combined sci-fi with screwball comedy? Well, if you have, you can stop now, because this movie is, in fact, such an animal.

See there’s a rich guy, Richard Russell, a.k.a., a “wealthy lawyer” (a term that never fails to amuse me) who’s hooked up—Not like that! Like befriended. Kinda—with one of those absent-minded professor types who invent things with astonishing technological capabilities, but can never find their keys. He also has a maid or cook or whatever who once was the Wicked Witch of the West.

Image via Cody’s Film, TV, and Video Game Blog.

So, the old codger distinguished scientist whose name is Professor Gibbs (although it’s entirely unclear how this muddlehead could manage to teach at the college or university level) hits old playboy-millionaire-lawyer dude up for the moolah dough dosh cashola to finance his work on an invisibility device. After disintegrating disappearing a cat, he pines longs to test his device out on a real human being.

Image via Alternate Ending.

In answer to a personal ad, in which the esteemed, if slightly doddering, scientist seeks candidates for being evaporated disappeared, he gets his subject in the form of a department store model, who works for the Ebenezer Scrooge of department store managers. Except it’s not Christmas. Or maybe it is. That part’s not clear.

“I’m here to apply for position of lab rat.”

Oddly, the professor scientist has the toughest time dealing with making a naked woman invisible, as opposed to a naked man. He’s weirdly ill-at-ease about doing it. He carries on so much about it, you almost want to yell, “Hey, dumbass! She’s human, okay?”

I should mention that the movie starts off with the Absent-Minded Professor making a surprise visit to see Richie Rich the Lawyer, as he makes ready to take an extended vacay. This sets Richie’s man-servant to grumbling about this and that, which plays right into many pratfalls and hijinks to spare throughout the story.

“Do these stripes make the wall look fat?”

And, as I said implied, the opening scene takes place in the grand foyer of a large huge palatial house with an imposing set of stairs, against which a ladder just happens to lean. And while the toady man-servant gripes to Richie Rich about the professor and God knows what else, he ends up climbing the ladder whilst Richie takes the stairs. This leads to a pratfall from great heights, thus establishing the film’s screwball comedy creds clearly and without resort to: 1) a fast-talking dame reporter; 2) a couple of married drunks with time on their hands; or 3) Cary Grant.

Image via Moria.

In the meantime, having pretty much dismissed the various weirdos showing up to be disassembled disappeared by the professor’s magic machine, our titular (no pun intended!) heroine Kitty ends up winning the grand prize of invisibility. She disrobes behind a screen and, once the device gets going, her shadow becomes all wavy. The oscillation in her silhouette rises to the point where she seems to be torn to pieces, but that’s just crappy special effects, so there’s no blood and she ends up… well, invisible. Which she mistakes for being invincible.

More to come! 🙂

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  1. moviefanman says:

    This was another discovery on Svengoolie for me, and what a blast I had with it. Cheesy Sci-Fi/Fantasy Comedy at its funniest and most fun. The icing on the cake for me was Shemp Howard of the Three Stooges small role as one of the hoods.

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