Celebrating Ten Years of Blogging

This really sums it up! 🙂

Silver Screenings

Marilyn Monroe stops by for some cake. Image: A Walking Stereotype

Dear Friend,

Today is the 10th Anniversary of our blog. We can hardly believe it.

Ten years ago, we published our first post…and several weeks after that we received our first “Like”. Then a comment! We were hooked.

We started blogging partly as a writing exercise, and also to give our family and friends a break. We are one of Those People who point out camera angles or unusual lighting while watching a film, and we’re rarely silent about it.

Understandably, this behaviour is not everyone’s Cup O’ Tea, so we were encouraged to start a blog to share our opinions with Others, and let everyone in the room watch a movie in Peace and Quiet.

Blogging is a wonderful writing exercise, but it’s an even better way to meet amazing people.

People like you.

You’ve introduced us to…

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4 Responses to Celebrating Ten Years of Blogging

  1. moviefanman says:

    Happy Anniversary Debbi & Silver Screenings!!! Wonderful milestone.

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    • Debbi says:

      Thanks! 🙂 I should probably have made it clear that I haven’t been blogging here for 10 years.

      The reason for blogging has never been clearer to me. Why one should blog. Why anyone bothers. 🙂

      It’s just a great message, all around.

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  2. Thanks for re-blogging, Debbi.

    Also: Without blogging I never would have met you, or enjoyed all your cheeky movie observations, and that alone is worth the price of admission.

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