‘The Beast Must Die’ (1974) (B-Movie Review) — Part One

Hello! 🙂 Time for another wild and wacky B-movie review! 🙂

This time I’ve got a Fab Seventies Flick called The Beast Must Die. Which is every bit as awful awesome as it sounds!

And, as you can see, it has the awesome Peter Cushing, who really must have been desperate classes up this … um … story.

This rather peculiar little gem takes place in a big game hunter’s mansion where he’s invited six people to a dinner party they’ll never forget. Mainly because the host, millionaire Tim Newcliffe (played by Calvin Lockhart) announces that one of them is a werewolf.

Image via FilmFracture.

Our guests at this party comprise something of a small, but highly distinguished, group of actors who obviously owed someone a favor. We have Peter Cushing, who must have hit a dry patch in his career plays an archeologist with a specialty in lycanthropy. Or werewolfery, if you prefer.

There is also Charles Gray, who apparently has no neck plays a disgraced diplomat, Arthur Bennington. (This is the kind of movie that has characters with last names like Bennington and Lockhart, because they sound like rich peoples’ names.)

Image via Mondo-Digital.

In addition, Michael Gambon and Ciaran Madden play a married pianist and his ex-student/wife, Jan and Davina Gilmore. Finally, Tom Chadbon rounds the cast out with his part as an artist who just got cut loose from the joint. Charming bunch, aren’t they?

So, the whole thing is like a game of Clue. Except, no one does it with a lead pipe in the billiards room. And there is no Colonel Mustard or Professor Plum.

I nearly forgot. Tom Newcliffe’s wife, Caroline (played by Marlene Clark) is also at the party. Tom suggests that she might be a werewolf. You can imagine how well that goes over with her.

“Uh, say what?” (Image via Movie Pics and Posters.)

Part Two coming next week!

The film is every bit as cheesy delightful as this trailer suggests! 🙂

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  1. moviefanman says:

    I’ve only ever seen this one in parts, and it is pretty good I’ve got to admit. It’s an part supernatural and part Edgar Wallace Krimi in Calvin Lockhart’s character trying to figure out who the werewolf is.

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  2. Oh wow, this sounds too good to pass up!

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  3. I love this film and it’s in the so bad it’s great territory for me!

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