My Review of ‘Pitfall’ (1948)

Hi today, I’m doing a review of Pitfall from 1948. I don’t think I’ve reviewed this one before, but I’m gonna have to check. If I did, I’m doing an updated review then. This is a review offered straight from my notes and I figured this is kind of like the way Hunter Thompson might have called in the story to Rolling Stone back in the day, uh, on deadline and, um, with very little, but here are my thoughts about Pitfall.

Dick Powell as Johnny Forbes is bored with his middle class life and lovely wife, Sue (played by Jane Wyatt). He has a brief (very subtle) fling with Mona Stevens (played by Lizabeth Scott).

Can this marriage be saved? (Image via Pinterest.)

Mac (played by Raymond Burr) is stalking her. Double Indemnity-like insurance agent, but married, blah, blah, blah, blah.

“Hello, there!” (Image via Goodfella’s Movie Blog.)

Normal tropes turned around. Mona is not a femme fatale (or a normal one).

“My life’s so dull. Love ya, baby. Wish this was Murder, My Sweet.” (Image via Film Noir Board.)

Does anyone lock their doors in this town?

No matter what Johnny did or didn’t do with Mona, it’s a clear case of self-defense.

I thought this was a pretty good film. I enjoyed it. So I’ll leave you with my notes and that thought. See what you think. Talk to you later.

Oh, now I remember this movie. Yeah, it was just okay.

“Here’s looking at you, douchebag.” (Image via Tumblr–maybe)

This is a guy movie. This movie is all about domestic unrest with a focus on the male gaze. This movie benefits greatly from the actors involved and the menace of Raymond Burr.

Directed by André de Toth
Produced by Samuel Bischoff
Screenplay by Karl Kamb, André de Toth (uncredited), and William Bowers (uncredited) (based on the book by Jay Dratler)

Here’s the trailer!

PS: This is a Father’s Day movie?! 🙂

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  1. Paul says:

    It’s funny to see Raymond Burr in villain mode, as I’m in the middle of a Perry Mason rewatch. This sounds like an interesting film, Debbi — thanks for reviewing it! Putting it on my Netflix disc list.

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