‘The Devil’s Rain’ (1975) (B-Movie Review) — Part Three

And now for the final part of this B-movie review! Oh, the horror! 🙂

Things get even uglier when Ernie Corbis puts on a weird mask with goat horns sticking out from it like (slightly bent, thick, and twisted) antennae.

“I can’t believe I once won an Oscar.” (Image via Trashmen Media)

Then, they get weirder when they find a big jug with Corbis’ souls trapped within it. A big, glass jug with metallic scrollwork (I guess) holding it together that also contains its own internal atmosphere, including weather fronts, because the forecast is always for rain.

The situation appears grim as Mark ends up wearing his own rubber mask with empty eye holes. Things turn particularly dire when it’s revealed that Ida Lupino had to take a part in which she also has to wear the rubbery mask and be eyeless.

“Great. I’ve turned into a mask without a body.” (Image via Genre Grinder)

Corbis eventually (finally!) gets hold of The Book. (I’d assumed he’d gotten it by the beginning of Act Two or shortly thereafter, but I guess not.) Dr. Richards threatens to destroy the big glass Jug O’ Souls (and you’d think the Devil would have the good sense to keep his minions in a less fragile container!), but is overcome by zombies Trump supporters the minions. So he begs Mark to “do the right thing” or something. And Mark reaches deep down to access his inner Kirk and finds it within himself to smash the receptacle. Just like that episode where Kirk had to smash a receptacle of some kind. Or maybe it was the one about Spock’s brain? Wait, no … the one with Landru?

And all the minions melt into gooey bits of orange and green putty. It’s like that scene where the Nazis open up the Arc of Covenant and disintegrate in flames. Except much, much lamer.

Tom finds his wife, faux Julie Hagarty Julie and hugs her. But it turns out to be Corbis in disguise. And, for some reason, he’s trapped Julie in a new glass jug, which as it happens, is called the Devil’s Rain.

“May the Force be Without You” (Image via Guide to Monsters)

Yes, the Big Jug O’ Souls has a name. The Devil’s Rain.

Random Jae of Souls found online. (Image via Deviant Art)

Is that about the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard?

PS: OMG! Did you know there’s such a thing as The Devil’s Rain Salad? 🙂

Yeah, I’ll pass.

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  1. I lost it right at this point: “…but is overcome by zombies Trump supporters the minions.” (Sorry, I haven’t figured out how to do a strikethrough in the comments, which is sad, as your strikethroughs made it even more enjoyable.) You rock! 😉

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  2. Paul says:

    Wow, what an interesting cast! Some people I would never have imagined sharing the screen. Will have to check this out. 🙂

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