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‘Incubus’ (1966) — Part One

And now for your viewing pleasure, a rather bizarre surreal unusual movie from the 1960s. So very long ago and far, far away in another galaxy where space was the final frontier. From the makers of films in Esperanto comes … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘Hit and Run’ (1957)

WARNING: This review contains more than a few SPOILERS! 🙂 Okay, despite the fact that so much of this movie resembles the plot of The Postman Always Rings Twice, there are some very clear differences. A showgirl (Julie played by … Continue reading

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‘These Girls Are Fools’ (1950) (A Short Film)

Hi there! 🙂 We’re back! This week’s special feature is a short film. Short is good. Short is fun. But, mostly, short is short. 🙂 On that note, here’s These Girls Are Fools from 1950. And a lesson for us … Continue reading

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‘Frogs’ (1972) (B-Movie Review) — Part Four

And finally, here we are! Almost at the end of this grueling affair bizarre mess movie review. So … I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I’ve enjoyed skewering the hell out of it writing it. And here’s the … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘Loving Highsmith’ (2022)

I’ve never read any of Patricia Highsmith’s books, but I have seen two of the movies adapted from them. And I know she was considered by many to have been a rather grim, reclusive figure, even an outright racist. This … Continue reading

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‘Frogs’ (1972) (B-Movie Review) — Part Three

Back again with Part Three of this amazing astonishing interesting indescribable movie. Having started down this road, let’s finish things up and try to forget this ever happened. I feel like I’m passing this review along the way one would … Continue reading

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