‘Frogs’ (1972) (B-Movie Review) — Part Four

And finally, here we are! Almost at the end of this grueling affair bizarre mess movie review.

So … I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I’ve enjoyed skewering the hell out of it writing it.

And here’s the previous part!

And the part before that!

It’s time to finish up Frogs!

Finally, Pickett (Sam Elliott, remember?) wises up and leaves the island with Karen Crockett (played by Twiggy Joan Van Ark). They take Clint and Johnny’s orphans/children along. They even invite more abuse from Jason, who stubbornly refuses to leave. So he gets to sit and stew alone with his cake and no one else to eat it. No one to say “Happy Birthday, Asshole Jason!” And sing the traditional (now copyright-free) song.

“I’m outta here.” (Image via Suggesting Movie.)

Karen and Pickett and the chitlins children make it to land, thanks to Pickett’s ability to fight off aggressive animals with a paddle and a shotgun. They even make it to a road! That’s where they manage to hitch a ride with the only car in evidence within miles of the place. And, of course, the kid with the couple who picks them up simply has to show off the frog he found whilst visiting this horrible shithole vision of Hell straight out of a dystopian version of Walden out-of-the-way Paradise.

Jason, meanwhile, sits in the dark. Alone in his empty manse. And we quickly learn why the movie is called Frogs. Finally. Because they’re everywhere all at once and moving in slowly not-so-slowly onto the lawn, all over the cake, into the house … from there you can imagine.

“Goddamn ingrate kids! Fine. I get to eat the entire cake! Hey, where is it, anyway?” (Image via Monsterminions.)

Spoiler alert! Things do not end well for Dickhead Jason. What a shocker!

PS: The phone finally rings at the end, but when Jason picks it up, the line is dead.

Is this a thoroughly ridiculous vague reference to the expression, “When the bell tolls, it tolls for thee?” Or am I overthinking giving the writers way too much credit here? Oh, hell, maybe it was a sly joke. 🙂

PPS: Here’s a much shorter review of the same flick! Courtesy of Junta Juleil’s Culture Shock.

PPPS: I suppose one could imagine worse fates! 🙂

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6 Responses to ‘Frogs’ (1972) (B-Movie Review) — Part Four

  1. Wait, we’re done? Say it ain’t so! On second thought, yep, perhaps we’ve milked this one but good. It’s been a lovely tour, Hostess Debbi.

    I mentioned to Partner that we need to track this movie down and peruse it. (Yes, I know you have lovingly provided all these clever links, but I sense that this film can only be fully appreciated on a 65″ TV. I may be mistaken on this angle.) He did a bit of googling and did not seem very enthusiastic. I soothed the impending trauma by mentioning that perhaps we could have a round or two of margaritas at Ojeda’s, THEN we could peruse. He seemed mildly more interested. I’ll keep you posted on how things go… 😉

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    • Debbi says:

      Awesome! I would suggest several rounds of margaritas, but I wouldn’t want you to miss out on all the gory/ridiculous fun because you were too sloshed. 🙂

      And the temptation is real!

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  2. Love this idea for a regular feature section. And there are sooo many to pick from.

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  3. When I read the first parts of this review, I was shaking my head thinking, I’ll never watch this film. But you sold me with Part Four. Now I’ve got to see it!

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