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Part Two of ‘The Wild Women of Wongo’ and a Patreon Update

Yes, folks! Today, you will get to see the second part of The Wild Women of Wongo. It makes me smile just to write that. 🙂 The Patreon campaign is still under construction. I’m slowly getting it together, in between … Continue reading

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My Tribute to Powers Boothe

It’s been days since the news came out that Powers Boothe is gone. According to Wikipedia, Boothe was the youngest of three boys who grew up on a cotton farm in Texas. He was the first in his family to attend … Continue reading

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Goodbye Powers Boothe

#RIPPowersBoothe Source: Goodbye Powers Boothe

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Five Stars for National Classic Movie Day!

Originally posted on B Noir Detour:
Who knew there was a “Classic Movie Day”? I sure didn’t, but I’m sure willing to participate in Classic Film and TV Cafe’s Five Stars Blogathon today. My mission is to list my five…

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5 Reasons We Love Classic Film

Originally posted on Silver Screenings:
Image: Dear Reader, if you were our neighbour, we would invite you to our place to celebrate National Classic Movie Day on May 16. There would be balloons, champagne and, of course, a classic…

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The Saturday Matinee Becomes the Film Geek Project

Hello all! I’m currently in the midst of trying to make the Saturday Matinee a more interactive experience. To accomplish this (as well as to reach out to all those who might enjoy my particular brand of weird humor), I’m … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘The Lookout’ (2007)

This film marked the directorial debut of screenwriter Scott Frank, who also wrote the screenplay. Described in Wikipedia simply as a “crime film”, it also falls into the category of neo-noir. High school hockey star Chris Pratt (played to perfection … Continue reading

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