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My Review of ‘The Wicker Man’ (1973)

Okay, I’m trying to conjure the right words to talk about this movie. And you should know that this review will be FILLED with SPOILERS. Because that’s the only way I can truly warn you express my thoughts and feelings … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘Coffy’ (1973)

While I remember blaxploitation films from the 70s, I never actually saw one until recently. Coffy is a movie that (despite its obviously dated fashions and music, which in a sense, add to its cool), in my opinion, holds up … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘Chinatown’ (1974)

Now, here’s a movie that represents a major achievement in modern noir. The screenplay by Robert Towne is considered a great example of Syd Field’s three-act structure for writing scripts. Jake Giddes (played with proper laconic ‘tude by Jack Nicholson) … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘Catch-22’ (1970)

I remember reading this book and thinking, “My God. How could you possibly make a movie out of this?” And yet Mike Nichols managed it handily. This anti-war satire revolves around the hapless Captain Yossarian (played with gusto by Alan … Continue reading

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Woody Allen: Manhattan (1979)

  I’ll just state it outright, so you know. I’m an unabashed admirer of the Woodman. One could even argue that “Woody Allen movie” constitutes a genre of film. Directors like Allen, the Coen Brothers, Tarantino, and Hitchcock are essentially … Continue reading

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