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Episode 3 of ‘Buck Rogers’

Hello, there! 🙂 Ready for another exciting episode of Buck Rogers? Well, ready or not, here you go! 🙂 PS: Please consider supporting the blog on Patreon! I’ve just added a complete two-book ebook of all my film noir and … Continue reading

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Episode 2 of ‘Buck Rogers’

Well, hello! And a happy day to you! As promised, here’s Part Two of Buck Rogers! 🙂

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Reel Infatuation with De Niro and Grodin in ‘Midnight Run’

Not long ago, someone asked me to recommend a good comedy. This movie was one that came right to mind. When I told this person that Robert De Niro was hilarious in it, the response was one of complete disbelief. … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ (2011)

Today I’m doing a movie review of Cowboys & Aliens from 2011, which I saw recently. And I have it in text and video! Cool, huh? 🙂 This movie is a definite twist on the old “Nameless Drifter Who Comes … Continue reading

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The Mole People (A Bad Movie Review) — Part Three

I’m sure you’ll be relieved awed sorry to hear that this is the last part of a review of what must be one of the strangest dumbest most interesting B-movies I’ve seen in a while. That I’ve written about! 🙂 … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘Trouble Is My Business’ (2018)

One of the nice things about Trouble Is My Business is that it makes no bones about exactly what it is. Clearly, the film is a love letter to the movies of yesteryear—specifically, those in the film noir style. Having … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘Time After Time’ (1979)

Time After Time is a very clever time travel movie. It’s also something of the genre-bender, in that it’s a science fiction/thriller/romantic suspense movie. And it’s a fictionalized account involving real people—one of whom wrote a novel about a time … Continue reading

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